Garages Built & Added

Are you thinking of adding a garage? Tired of keeping your car out in the winter or your current garage just not big enough? Planning to build a new garage can seem like a daunting task to the new homeowner. Here are some helpful things to consider during your planning stage:

garage sizes carCars

The size of your new garage is the most important factor to consider during the planning stage. You definitely want to plan to have enough room to open your doors on both sides. Dont forget that bigger cars and SUVs often have larger doors than small cars. Here are some general ideas and common garage sizes on the left - click to open larger.

Workbenches and Storage

Another thing to plan for is shelving and a workbench. It's popular nowadays to add shelving or cabinets along the front and sides of the garage for extra storage space. If you want to add a workbench to one side of the garage, make sure there will still be enough clearance for your car, your workbench, and space to move around in-between them.


Many people, especially 'do-it-yourselfers' find strategically placed electrical outlets a must-have. Remember to plan for outlets near a workbench, as well as on all sides of the garage for easy access. Also there are a wide variety of lighting options available today, and finding the best in energy-efficiency while meeting your specific needs is a must.


If you plan on using your garage as a workshop, or spending any amount of time in it, a heater is definitely an important consideration in the cold, Wisconsin winter. There are several options of heaters to choose from such as electric or gas.

Windows and Doors

This is a crucial part of the planning stage. The windows and doors you choose will play a big part in energy efficiency as well as conveniency for you, the homeowner. Many homeowners choose to place windows higher up so they can store large objects underneath them and not block incoming light. Door options include adding an extra service door in addition to the standard adjoining door between home and garage.

Garage Doors

There is a wide variety among the different types of main garage doors. One thing to consider is insulation for energy efficiency. Another thing to consider is how the door opens. This includes roller doors, sectional doors, up and over doors, and swing hung doors. They can also be built out of wood, steel, or aluminum. The right garage door can play a big part in convenience and energy saving as well significantly enhance the curb appeal of your home.


With all these things to consider, planning your garage may seem like an impossible project. Make it easier by hiring a contractor who cares. Lake Country Remodeling will help you through it step by step - helping with  planning, handling permits, and doing quality work that you'll be satisfied with.  Call us today to get a free estimate!